has created a universal camera Lens kit compatible with all cellphones that turns your phone into a professional camera on the spot. This one of a kind kit will help you to take high level professional shots that rival most thousand dollar+ cameras! You'll now be armed with a .67x Wide angle Fish eye lens and a Macro lens.

The wide angle lens lets you magnify the viewing angle more than 180 degrees,more than double the traditional view. With our macro lens you can now zoom in at levels of clarity no other phone can come close to. You'll be able to get rich and pixel free HD shots on high zoom for objects such as flowers and jewelry. A must have for anyone who enjoys taking photos, sells on ebay, or doesn't have a high powered professional camera.

Wide Angle Lens attachment Demo

Macro Lens attachment Demo

Fish Eye Lens attachment Demo

How to Use/ Specifications :

The Any Phone Camera kit is compatible with all modern phones Ipads and tablets and most older models. Simply clip the attachment on top of the camera lens on your cell phone or tablet. You are now ready to take high quality photos. Change lenses easily with screw on attachments.

Product Description

Specifications (Wide Angle Lens):
Magnification: Wide 0.67X
Lens Construction: Glass
Lens Dimension: 2 CM, 1cm (size that covers your lens on your phone)

Specifications (Macro Lens):
(wide angle lens unscrews)
Magnification: Super Macro ( close up shots )
Lens Construction: Glass

Specifications (Fish Eye Lens):
Magnification : Double with Border (like looking into a fish bowl)
Lens Construction : Glass